Trust us with your in-service oil analysis !

The ANAC diagnosis (acronym of “ANAlysis Compared) makes your oil speak and offers you a unique preventive and corrective maintenance service, with a database of over 4 million samples, two European laboratories and a global network of analysis sites.


…Improve your fleet management, reduce your operating costs and optimize the maintenance of your vehicle and equipment?

ANAC is a service of TOTAL that provides a complete range of analytical monitoring systems for in-service oils or coolants, available for any automotive application (vehicles and moving machines) or industrial (machinery and equipment).

For management and technical monitoring of transport fleets, construction equipment, etc…, ANAC offers a full range of in-depth analysis processes for in-service oil.

Into industrial application, the ANAC INDUS range is a wide choice going from generic analysis applied to any type of lubricants to diagnosis programs appropriate to each specific application.

…Quickly make the right decisions at the right time and have access to analysis reports, at anytime and anywhere you are?

ANAC is accessible online via a secure client extranet but also directly on your Smartphone or touchscreen.

ANAC, the in-service oil analysis by TOTAL