High-performance extreme pressure biodegradable lithium grease, designed for on road and off road applications in environmental sensitive areas like agriculture, public works, forest, inland and coastal shipping (locks). A multipurpose grease, especially formulated for the lubrication of bearings, slide bearings or universal joints and adapted for the lubrication of applications operating in wet, dusty and/or dry conditions and with medium load and speed in transport, agriculture and off road vehicles.

ISO 6743-9: L-XCEEB 2, DIN 51502: KP2K-30


Multipurpose extreme pressure lithium/calcium grease, formulated for the lubrication of all kinds of applications, operating at medium and low speeds, where the grease is required to support exceptional heavy loads in wet, dusty and/or dry conditions. Specially suitable in transport applications and/or as EP multipurpose grease, slow moving heavily charged industrial and “off road” applications where water is in frequent contact with the grease.

ISO 6743-9: L-XBCHB 2, DIN 51 502: KP2K -20


Multipurpose extreme pressure biodegradable lithium/calcium grease. Designed for the lubrication of various applications in all types of operating conditions, particularly where the operation temperature is high and the use of conventional lithium greases is limited. It is formulated for lubrication of loaded slide ball-and roller-bearings, wheel bearings, universal joints, chassis, and various shock loaded or vibrating applications in transport, agriculture and off road vehicles.

ISO 6743-9: L-XDDEB 2, DIN 51502: KPE2N-35